Alhamdulillah it’s testimonies like these that keep me motivated to dedicate my life to helping others.  Here are what some of my clients have written after achieving their goals in therapy.


My husband and I had many problems since the honeymoon and it was constant arguing about small and big things. neither my family or his helped even when they genuinely tried too. I started talking to … Read more

Sister S.A. - Saudi Arabia

Haleh just wanted to thank you for being the most incredible therapist. I have visited many many therapists to help me and my daughter bridge our differences and none were successful till you came alo… Read more


I’m a 24 year old Egyptian female who went through a tragic break up, my fiancé left me 2 months before our wedding.  My mom got cancer, I had issues believing in fairness in the world, the existe… Read more


Thank you Haleh, YOU CHANGED MY LIFE! Read more


I have always been introspective, and as an adult had the freedom to search for the help I needed to fulfill this inner need of reaching my potential that called for me all my life; to be a better per… Read more


I am now a patient of Haleh Banani after searching and trying many other therapists in my own country. I am not religious at all.
I liken the experience to that feeling you get, when you know you’ve… Read more


Haleh, Therapy sessions with you have been very useful. I like the element of Islam in the sessions and the religious view. I was able to achieve stability, acceptance and more contentment. My thought… Read more

K.F. - U.A.E.

Asalamu Alykum Sister Haleh,
I wanted to say Jazakillah Alf Khair for all your hard work in helping me achieve my goals. I contacted you after I saw a clip of yourself on Celebrate Mercy trailer, and … Read more

A.A. - U.K.

You truly are a gift from Allah to me. Read more

A. A. - U.K.

I went from hating myself severely to thanking Allah for how He created me Read more

A. A. - U.K.