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Transform Your Marriage, Family, & Emotional Well-Being

Eperience life-changing breakthroughs with Haleh’s expert guidance in marriage and family counseling, parenting advice, and emotional regulation. Say goodbye to anxiety, depression, and anger, and hello to the life you deserve.

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Master Success in Your life and Your Relationships

Unlock the Secrets to a Thriving Marriage and Family Life
Dive into Haleh’s transformative courses and revolutionize your relationship, parenting skills, and emotional well-being. Invest in yourself and your loved ones today.

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Ignight Faith-Fueled Transformation

Invite Haleh, a trailblazing voice in Islamic psychology, to inspirte your audience with her life-changing insights. Her soul-stirring presence empowers listeners to shatter limitations & embrace their highest purpose.


I’m Haleh Banani


Your Journey to a Stronger, Happier Life Starts Here insha’Allah!

I’m dedicated to helping you transfor your life, your family and your relationships through the power of Islamic psychology. Wth 26 years of experience as a faith-based life coach, marriage counselor, parent educator, mental health professional, personal development expert, and TV host, I’ve been privileged to serve our Muslim community and help countless individuals and families thrive.

I’m here to guide you on your journey to:

  • Overcome challenges and become the best version of yourself
  • Save your marriage, even if you feel like you’re on the brink of divorce
  • Strengthen your family bonds and become a more effective parent
  • Achieve real, lasting results in the shortest time possible

Using my proven Banani Method, which combines practical psychological techniques with sound Islamic principles, I’ve helped hundreds of couples rekindle their love and build stronger, happier marriages. I’ve also empowered individuals worldwide to break free from their limitations and live purpose-driven lives.

Through my transformative coaching programs, inspiring keynotes, and educational media appearances, I’m committed to supporting you on your path to a more fulfilling, resilient life grounded in faith.

Take the first step towards a brighter future and discover the life-changing power of Islamic psychology today!

Note:  All private sessions are considered ‘coaching’, not therapy.  Our services comply with Section 882.24 of the Texas Behavior Health Executive Counsel Code.

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Sr. Haleh has given me a reason to want to live a better life. I am forever thankful for what she has taught me. Sr. Haleh gave me a safe space and made it so easy to speak my mind. She is filled with empathy and understanding, mashAllah. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel after only one session with her, alhamdulillah.

Deema Izzat

Haleh Banani
Online or In-person Sessions

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Our Approach

The Banani Method: Your Path to Rapid Transformation

For 26 years, I’ve refined the Banani Method, a powerful blend of cutting-edge psychological research and Islamic wisdom, designed for swift, impactful results. Expect transformative changes in just five individual sessions or ten marriage counseling sessions, InshaAllah.

Why Choose the Banani Method?

  • Experienced: I bring 24 years of clinical expertise into each consultation.
  • Effective: Experience fast, visible results that will motivate and inspire you.
  • Empathetic: Our sessions provide a safe space for you to explore and grow, supported by compassionate guidance.

Experience Deep, Lasting Change

The Banani Method delivers more than quick fixes—it cultivates profound and enduring transformation. Here’s what you can achieve:

  • Renewed Vitality and Purpose: Rediscover joy and direction in your life.
  • Stronger Relationships: Enhance your connections with tools that build intimacy and understanding.
  • Break Free From Constraints: Overcome limiting patterns and unlock your full potential.

Ready to transform your life? Let’s start this journey together, InshaAllah.

Together we will bring more purpose, happiness, productivity and ease into your life and your relationships, Insha’Allah.

How We Help


We Empower You to Make Your Life and Relationship Goals a Reality

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Marriage Help

Find comfort, strength and support

Our breakthrough method of marriage counseling that takes clients from the brink of divorce to a second honeymoon. Come and see for yourself how easy it is to have a happy marriage.

Happy Muslim family marriage and family counseling
Family Coaching

Build emotional bonds

Even in the hardest situations you can learn to connect, empathize and comfort your loved ones to create a strong emotional bond with them.  Make your family a source of happiness and comfort!


Don’t live in fear anymore

When your life is filled with anxiety there is little room for joy and growth.  Learn to overcome your fears by eliminating your destructive patterns of thinking and finally live a peaceful life.


Find lasting happiness

Learn effective ways to overcome your sadness by using proven psychological methods along with spiritual inspiration. Get powerful tools to adjust your way of thinking in order to live a fulfilling life.

Muslim woman getting individual therapy from a psychologist on line
Online Sessions

Invest in yourself

Get online help from the convenience of your home, car or office. The privacy will put your heart at ease in order for you to achieve every personal goal.

Anger Managment

Learn to control your emotions

It can be very frustrating and destructive when you lose control and behave out of character.  You can learn your trigger points, deactivate them and become your ideal self in every situation. 

Success Stories


I’ll Empower You to Make Your Life and Relationship Goals a Reality

  • I'm a strong believer in seeking help when you're confused. Fortunately, God has given us access to great wisdom through the Quran, Prophet Muhammad and all previous Prophets. But sometimes we still need more help. The wonderful thing about Sr Haleh... Read More
  • It’s just impossible to express how thankful I am with Sr Haleh. The help that I have received as a coach has impacted and benefited many aspects of my life. I’ve seen so much improvement in my personal life related to work, emotional and also p... Read More
  • Sister Haleh is an exceptionally gifted therapist. Her professionalism, competence, empathy, attention to detail and solution oriented approach has been instrumental in helping me navigate through extremely difficult circumstances with finesse. I wi... Read More
  • I consider myself extremely fortunate to have her support. The level of maturity and clarity that she has brought to my life is something I’ll value forever. She was sincere and honest in helping me deal with my issues. She was direct but kind wit... Read More
  • We had a wonderful and fruitful experience with Sr.Haleh! I and my wife became happier from the first few sessions! What I really admire about her that she is able to understand the personalities of people very fast and address their emotional nee... Read More
You Can Fix Your Marriage Even If You Are The Only One Working To Save It

You Can Fix Your Marriage Even If You Are The Only One Working To Save It


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