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Assalamo alaikom!

My objective here is to provide the most effective tools, inspiration and guidance to help people overcome their difficulties, master their relationships and achieve their personal aspirations by combining my extensive training and experience in clinical psychology with sound Islamic principles.

Food is My Best Friend and My Worst Enemy

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Food is My Best Friend and My Worst Enemy You can’t skim through a magazine in any waiting room without coming across a page about weight loss, a page about...... Read More

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – An Insight On Friendship

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Before you start reading this article, take out a piece of paper and fold it in half.  Think of your two closest friends, the friends you spend the most time...... Read More

Hadith of the Day Facebook Post on Infidelity and Adultery in Marriage

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Infidelity is one of the biggest challenges facing our marriages today. This is a video I made for Hadith of the Day where I talk about dealing with adultery and...... Read More

Express Yourself! How To Get Your Needs Met In Marriage

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Express Yourself! How To Get Your Needs Met In Marriage What makes people dissatisfied or fed up in their marriage? Usually it’s because they are not getting their marriage needs met....... Read More

How to Prevent Suicide in Children

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Recently in our community in Dallas, a 11 years old Muslim boy committed suicide after he was teased and bullied at school. We need to be more aware of the emotional...... Read More

A Mercy of Allah: The Ability to Change

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Our lives and our experiences are what we make of them. Even the hardest situations can be opportunities for growth. To illustrate this, I wanted to share the stories of

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Why Does Allah Test Us? Reframe the Way You View Challenges

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We all face challenges on a daily basis- some of us may be currently facing more difficult ones than others. You may be the mother of several young children, feeling...... Read More

Anger Management

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We have all experienced moments when we feel angry. Now whether it is a heated argument with a spouse or our children pressing all our buttons, it could be an…

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The relationship that I had with my father broke down almost the very next day after my wedding and after almost two and a half years of living with resentment, anger, hatred and regret I was able to reach a level of peace with myself and with the events that took place in my past thanks to the wonderful services provided.

M.N. - U.S.A.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity with Haleh and highly recommend her.

S. F. - U.S.A

Having regular sessions with Haleh has changed my life. I have learned so much about the power of self-talk and how much our own perception of ourselves affects quality of life and self-image.

S. F. - U.S.A

Asslamalikum. I read your status on facebook and it made me realize that I should also thank you from the depth of my heart. I just had one session with you 2 months back and I was trying to work the way you told me and also after the session I was able to get deeper inner message from your youtube videos… Alhamdulillah.

F.K. U.S.A

After 10 years of fighting you have taught us to have a friendship in our marriage. You should write a book!

H. A. - U.S.A

I went from hating myself severely to thanking Allah for how He created me.

A. A. - U.K.

You truly are a gift from Allah to me.

A. A. - U.K.

Asalamu Alykum Sister Haleh,
I wanted to say Jazakillah Alf Khair for all your hard work in helping me achieve my goals. I contacted you after I saw a clip of yourself on Celebrate Mercy trailer, and you were talking about how the Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him) transformed himself after all the hardships he faced, and I thought to myself “I want to transform myself too” but I had no clue how. You truly are a gift from Allah to me.

A.A. - U.K.

Haleh, Therapy sessions with you have been very useful. I like the element of Islam in the sessions and the religious view. I was able to achieve stability, acceptance and more contentment. My thought process has changed to being more positive and now I am a more grateful person with more trust in Allah.

K.F. - U.A.E.

I am now a patient of Haleh Banani after searching and trying many other therapists in my own country. I am not religious at all.
I liken the experience to that feeling you get, when you know you’ve finally found the right Doctor for your pain – The pills they prescribe work the same day you start taking them.


I have always been introspective, and as an adult had the freedom to search for the help I needed to fulfill this inner need of reaching my potential that called for me all my life; to be a better person. I have been to different therapists and psychiatrists and even tried medication.


Thank You Haleh you changed my life.


I’m a 24 year old Egyptian female who went through a tragic brake up, my fiancé left me 2 months before our wedding. my mom got cancer, I had issues believing in fairness in the world, the existence of God, understanding fate and destiny. I suffered from lack of self esteem and destroyed body image that would have eventually led to eating disorders.


Haleh just wanted to thank you for being the most incredible therapist. I have visited many many therapists to help me and my daughter bridge our differences and none were successful till you came along. You are truly a very gifted and compassionate healer who can be fair and understanding to both me and my daughter. We are on very different life paths and life choices.