Does your spouse give you the silent treatment? | Haleh Banani |

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Relationship & Marriage Advice | 13 comments

Disagreements and misunderstandings are common in any relationship but if you are being given the silent treatment, you need to step back and assess how your relationship can really move forward.


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By Haleh Banani, M.A.

Haleh Banani holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. A faith-based counselor, life coach, and mental health professional who has served the community since 1998 by saving hundreds of marriages and helping thousands of people around the world overcome their challenges and become the most amazing version of themselves.

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  1. Kelly Bratton

    My husband didn’t talk to me for over 10 days. It destroyed me. But, since then, I figured out to just act normal like it doesn’t bother me and he stops.

  2. Anum Ahmed

    My question is that if you’re angry at your spouse for misbehaving and you don’t want to shout or scream at them but you have told them the reason for your silence. Is it OK?
    Or there is some better way to communicate my anger??

  3. Tasnim Abdullah

    What if he says he’s just like that. Quiet. And now I’ve become like him, we don’t talk

  4. Aamina Ebrahim

    Sadly these types of spouses don’t change unless they want to.

  5. Anisa Asina

    So how to treat these people?

  6. Fatma Telim

    So true Haleh
    3days what my grandma said to me

  7. Natasha Mahmud

    I just wanted to tell you one thing. I love you.

  8. Farrukh Sherani

    I do give silent treatment. But we ve vowed to eachother that we shall never sleep over our problems n we shall sleep by making up. So he says sorry n problem gets solved

    • Haleh Banani

      Farrukh Sherani It’s good that you resolve your issues before you sleep. Try to stop the silent treatment and opt for a more mature way to express your frustration.

  9. Raeesah Sumun

    I have just learnt that the kind person that I had in my life is on a dating site and when questioned about it he belittled me and gave me the silent treatment. Knowing that I have feelings for him, he was on a dating site during the whole time. I am glad that I got to know about it before discussing Nikkah. I do not believe in kind partners existing anymore and he broke me in such a way that I would not probably forgive. But yet I forgave him as a way for me to move forward. I am heartbroken but I believe Allah did whatever is best for me

    • Haleh Banani

      Raeesah Sumun I’m so sorry for the heartbreak you’ve experienced, but relieved that you discovered this before the nikkah. Many people I work with get this heartbreak 20 years into the marriage.

      It will take time for you to heal. You may want to join my mentorship program to navigate all these emotions http://www.themindfulhearts.com

      Don’t give up on men or marriage. There are good people out there and I pray once you heal, you’ll be granted with a loyal, kind-hearted man.

      • Raeesah Sumun

        I have joined the mentorship program and in sha Allah I will find the peace and comfort for my heart. Ameen

  10. Jayne Bolger

    Very good video

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You Can Fix Your Marriage Even If You Are The Only One Working To Save It


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